Accessing Stephan Kornus' Personal Computer Edit

run tsubaki-cracker.exe
booting sequence
detectacc "":...... true
nume_produs = raw_input()
"Credentials Required!!!! : "
"Credentials Required!!!!: " 

Uryu: "There you go, man.

Kornus' Personal Database."

Personal NotesEdit


It's nights like these I'd give anything to be back out in the Rack. Having to see the kid freak, and the look in his eyes during the hearing... Speaking of looks, the Witch seemed mighty interested in Pax tonight, and I don't see anything she'd have to gain from him becoming Sheriff over Magic, either. Pax has heard plenty enough from Uryu to know she's dangerous. Then again, the boy seems danger-prone. Looked a little roughed-up by the looks of things, on top of everything that's happened tonight. Maybe I should talk to him.


I don't know how that goddamned giant managed to work with the Prince for longer than a month without tearing what's left of his hair out. I've been trying to arrange a meeting with the Prince and the rest of the Council to finally anoint a new Member to replace Monroe, but the man refuses to do anything productive. He spends his evenings wasting blood and getting drunk watching meatbag television dramas. What was Bastion thinking getting him a subscription to Netflix?


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